"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."
- Red Adair


Don't let Mr. Adair put you off, we offer one of the most aggressive and competitive pricing schedules in the industry. We believe good design should be affordable and that you should have the choice to hire a professional.


Below is a general outline of our pricing policy. If you don't see what you need, get in touch. All initial consultations and estimations are FREE, so call 412.377.8292 or email us.










For many businesses, this is the starting point of the corporate id. It's also often the first point of contact between company and customer. Color choices, typography, iconography all set the stage for how people perceive your service and can be the 'first impression' anyone will have of what you do. Think of it as choosing the right clothes to wear to an interview -- wear the wrong thing and it's an uphill battle.


Basic Logo Package: $149

  • Super-quick turnaround
  • Two choices of logo
  • One revision of chosen logo


Premium Logo Package: $399

  • Analysis of competitor logos
  • Ongoing consultation throughout project
  • Complete logo worksheet with minimum of three logo choices and/or variants
  • Multiple revisions


Additional logo choices can be provided at a rate of $75 each





WEBSITE DESIGN: $ Dependent on Project


If logo design is like choosing the right clothes for a job interview, then designing and developing your website is like deciding which location to use for your business and choosing how to decorate it. Would you kit out a doctor's waiting room like a nightclub? Or a nightclub like a waiting room? Is a small, compartmentalized office-space appropriate for a retail environment? No, of course not. Just like all your design decisions, your website should reflect your business function and style.


Special consideration has to be given to usability and the underlying structure and focus of the website. Just like our real-world examples, you'll need to choose wisely -- large, oversized, lounge furniture may be great for a big venue, but it would be entirely inappropriate for a small office. In fact, the furniture may not even fit in the space, making it a wasted purchase that hinders the ability of your business to function.


Custom Website Design & Development:

  • Ongoing consultation throughout development
  • Customized design and development to suit your business needs
  • Customized HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL
  • Help with initial SEO
  • and a whole lot more...


Pricing will vary depending on what your requirements are, but to give you an idea:


Example 1: A simple 5-page, basic html site would cost $299.


Example 2: The portfolio site you're looking at now would cost $1,200 and take approximately 50 hours to develop. That's function analysis, design, sourcing appropriate libraries, custom coding, image optimization, initial SEO and validation and testing.


Example 3: A theme (but not custom code) for Wordpress or a similar content management system (CMS) may cost in the region of $600-$2,000 and take between a few days and a couple of weeks to complete depending on complexity.


Example 4: A complete e-commerce site may cost $5,000+ and take a month (or longer) to build, depending on your requirements.





PRINT DESIGN: $ Dependent on Project


All of the above holds true for our print design work, whether it's brochures, postcards or billboards. Every design you push out into the world represents your company. If your design looks cheap and unprofessional, so will your service.


Our pricing is dependent on project, but here are some quick references:


4"x6" Postcard or 1/2 page magazine ad: $99

8.5" x 11" Poster, full-page magazine ad or cover designs: $199

8.5"x11" Trifold: $299

8.5"x11" Brochure: $199 cover + $49 per page

8.5"x11" Newsletter pages, magazine page layouts: $49 per page

DVD packaging (including cover wraparound and disc face): $299

CD Packaging (including 2-panel insert, traycard and disc face) $399

CD Packaging (including 4-panel insert, traycard and disc face) $499





ILLUSTRATION: $ Dependent on Project


Sometimes a photo just doesn't cut it. Sometimes it's just not possible to photograph what you have in mind -- maybe it doesn't exist, maybe it's abstract...


We offer a full illustration service and can provide print or screen ready art.


Contact us for pricing.







It's usually more beneficial  to opt for a 'per project' quote, but we can price by the hour if you'd prefer. The studio rate is $30 per hour, prorated every 30 minutes or part there-of.






1. Photo sourcing, if necessary, is priced separately at approximately $25 per image (costs may be significantly higher if large format work is required)
2. Printing is client's responsibility, but we can help with recommendations and liaise with the printer of your choice.
3. Pricing may vary depending on complexity. Prices shown are representative of standard working practices.